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Portfolio Asset Recovery Attorneys in Chicago

Prevent Bank Account Garnishment & Freezes

Portfolio Recovery buys debts from your credit card company for 3-5 cents on the dollar. This means if they are suing you for $1,100, they likely only paid $35 for the debt!

Defending a portfolio recovery case is something we do on a daily basis at Community Lawyers Group and we can make sure you don’t have to go to court. Portfolio recovery can occur when a creditor seeks to garnish or freeze your financial assets to collect on a debt they say you owe.

Reach out to Community Lawyers Group and we can challenge your creditors and hold them accountable when they attempt to take collection actions against you. We have help you mitigate their efforts to protect as much of your assets as possible from unnecessary claims.

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An Advocate Who Will Listen

We all have busy lives and lawyers are no different. Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your unique circumstances to ensure that the solutions we find are strategically crafted for your situation.

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Accessible Consultations

Your comfort and safety are our priority. We provide phone, online video, and in-office consultations to clients looking to discuss their case.


Transparency & Open Communication

No one should ever be left in the dark about their legal matter. We will always explain everything and remain available for questions at any time.

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Se Habla Español

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“Thank you for representing me against Experian, you got great results. I am forever grateful.”

Glenda D.


“Community Lawyers Group helped me with the harassment I was experiencing by several debt collectors, including one that filed a lawsuit against me. They resolved my lawsuit and got the debt collectors to stop calling me and sending me letters.”

Alexandria S.


“Everyone we had contact with was courteous & extremely helpful. We’ve told many friends & family about them. I would highly recommend them.”

Savannah T.


“Celtha was a great help with my case. Highly recommend.”

Danny V.


“I was very satisfied with the work that the lawyers group provided for me.”

Tammie C.