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Michael J. Wood

Founding Attorney

Michael J. Wood

Michael Wood has been licensed to practice in Illinois since 2013 and focuses on consumer law generally, including Fair Debt litigation, Fair Credit Reporting litigation and defending collection cases by Midland and Portfolio Recovery (among others).

Mike’s approach to the practice of law is to focus on the rights afforded his clients by various consumer protection statutes and to protect those rights; often the best defense is a good offense.

Mike relates to clients by listening to their goals and helping them to achieve those goals, providing the necessary strength and guidance along the way. Mike was attracted to the practice of law out of his work in the Peace Corps, and from his local political work helping underserved communities to have a voice in Illinois and Chicago politics. He was specifically drawn to consumer law because of the rampant abuses of those least able to protect themselves.

Mike’s ability to listen and understand his clients enables him to fight for them in a personal and powerful manner.

Mike has a big family, with five young children, and enjoys going to the beach and spending time on the family farm in St. Joseph, Michigan.