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Chicago Debt Collection Defense Services

Legal Help for Responding to Collection Lawsuits

If debt collectors are threatening to sue, it can feel overwhelming. Even while money is tight, there are low cost legal options available that can help you get the situation under control. All of our services are available for small monthly payments.

A lawyer can help you take the right steps to verify any debts, stop the calls and letters, and defend you in court if necessary. At Community Lawyers Group, we uphold our clients’ rights and fight for fair treatment by holding debt collectors accountable. We can help you navigate the stressful world of debt collection and make the debt collectors talk to us instead of you.

For debt collection defense services in Chicago, reach out to one of our lawyers at (312) 757-1880 or by contacting us online.

Scales of Justice
Creditors & Debt Buyers: What's the Difference

Creditors: are the companies that provided you with a loan or credit card. A creditor can be a credit card company, bank, service provider, or other business. 

Debt Buyers: are third-party companies most people have never heard of who buy these old debts for a few cents on the dollar.

When creditors feel as if it will be difficult to collect a debt, they are inclined to sell it to a debt buyer for less than what’s owed, just to recoup some money on the transaction. Debt buyers will then try to collect the amount of the original debt – and their collection methods can be unfair.

Some debt collectors resort to threats and pressure tactics to try to get you to pay. However, even if the collectors contacting you are acting within the bounds of the law, dealing with debt collection can still be a difficult and stressful experience. Let us take it over!

Defenses For Debt Collection Cases

If the matter goes to court and you do nothing, the collectors will be able to freeze your bank account or garnish the wages from your current job or any future job. Don’t let this happen. Our lawyers can help you prevent this from happening and ensure you are treated fairly, even when you are unable to pay.

It is best to work with a lawyer and act as soon as you are served with a suit.

Working with a lawyer for the hearing and any subsequent proceedings ensures that you have all the information necessary to fight unfair claims and to prevent oversteps by the prosecution.

A lawyer will make sure a debt collector suing you has to answer ALL of these questions:

Have you ever heard of the collector suing you?

Can the collector verify that you owe what they say you do?

Does the debt collector actually have the right to collect the money owed? That is, do they have the proper documentation showing that they own the debt, or have been authorized to collect?

Did you agree to the fees and charges that are being applied in the original cardholder or payment agreement?

Was the debt already discharged due to bankruptcy or some other settlement, or was the payment contract legally canceled?

Is the collector suing you the same company you had a credit card with?

Has the debt collector failed to comply with regulations at any point in the process?

Choosing a Chicago Debt Collection Defense Attorney

If you’re concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney, don’t be. At Community Lawyers Group, we offer low cost options, we publish our prices right here on our website, and we charge in small monthly payments. No surprises!

If you decide to move forward with us, you can rest assured that our services are affordable and that we are upfront with all our communication. If the debt collectors contacting you are found to be in error, the judge in your case may even require them to pay you back for any fees you were charged.

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