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Celetha Chatman


Celetha Chatman

Celetha Chatman has been licensed to practice in Illinois since 2015 and focuses on Bankruptcy, Fair Debt and Fair Credit litigation. She has been certified as class counsel in several consumer protection cases, including recently Zulku v. IQ Data International.

Ms. Chatman works to balance being a fierce advocate for her clients with remaining a friendly and knowledgeable resource for them. She relates to clients by listening, and by working to understand their concerns along with their goals and objectives.

Ms. Chatman knew from a young age that she could help people and empower them by becoming a lawyer. She chose consumer law because of the need for people who have financial difficulties to be able to protect themselves and to not be taken advantage of by predatory companies, which often target at-risk communities.

Ms. Chatman is persistent in pushing toward her clients’ goals and likes to take non-traditional routes when they are called for; sometimes thinking outside the box can be more efficient than a head-on assault.