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The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Illinois Collection Agency Act, regulate what debt collectors can and cannot do. Sometimes, however, debt collectors step over the line. If a debt collector is calling you repeatedly, making you feel uncomfortable or engaging in high pressure collection tactics, there are actions we can take. Even just being able to say you have an attorney and providing our contact information is enough to stop the calls and letters. A Chicago creditor harassment lawyer with Community Lawyers Group can help you enforce your rights, fight any unfair claims, and take the next steps to get your life back. You can rest assured that working with one of our collection harassment attorneys in Chicago can make you feel more confident about your odds of success.

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Regulations for Debt Collectors

Debt collection companies operating in Illinois must be licensed in the state from which they are calling. A debt collector may call people you know to try to find out your home address or workplace, but they are not allowed to tell others that you owe money. Legally, they can only share that information with you or your attorney.

All of the following are prohibited debt collector tactics:

Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Calling you at your workplace, if the debt collector has been told not to

Calling several times a day

Threatening you

Cursing at you or using obscene language

Using any other method of abuse or harassment

Requiring you to pay for collect calls or other means of communication

Telling you that you will be arrested or criminally prosecuted if you do not pay

If a debt collector does any of these things, they are breaking the law, and you can take legal action. Write down the date and time of calls or other communications you’ve received that fit any of these descriptions and share them with your attorney.

Can Debt Collectors Call Friends and Family?

Debt collectors are legally allowed to call your friends or family to try to locate you.

However, they cannot call these people to try to collect the payment for the debt, and they are only allowed to call once unless they believe there may be new information to be found. This requires the person to answer and tell the collector they aren’t the debtor.

If the collector is calling about a friend or family member who has passed away, you can inform the collector of this.

Your Rights

In response to debt collector contact, you may request verification of the debt – that is, supporting documents that show that you do in fact owe a specific amount and that the debt collection company is authorized to collect it – and the company must send you that information. If you believe that they are requesting money you do not owe, you can tell them this and they must stop contacting you until the debt is verified.

If you request that they stop calling you, they must do so unless they are informing you of a specific action being taken against you, such as a lawsuit.

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